Freecash Review Australia 2024: Fast, Easy, and Free!

If you've never heard of Freecash, you're in good company with millions of other Australians. Downunder, we tend to live in a bit of a bubble and many companies exist for years before they expand to our shores, if ever.

Well, in the USA, is second only to Swagbucks in the micro app (or Get-Paid-To) space – that's right, second only to the largest GPT site around!

But I hear you say, so what, that doesn't mean I need to join, right?

Read our Freecash review to find out whether you should.

Freecash Australia

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If you love microtasks, new games, chances to win, exposure to new apps and having fun at the same time, then Freecash just may be your thing.


Before you go any further, be aware that this GPT site has casino, slot, games, crypto and reality offers. Minors should be supervised. Subscribers be warned.

Freecash Australia Overview

Dubbed a micro job site (we'll stick with Get-Paid-To (GPT)), users are given the chance to undertake a variety of tasks, games, surveys and yes, micro jobs for cash.

With a wide variety of redemption options including cash, it is an attractive site for users to make daily pocket money or perhaps a bit more. It's not going to make you rich unless the economy has tanked and you need foreign currency, but it will give you the chance to earn cash for things you may otherwise do for free.

Join Freecash now!

Kick off earning your daily pocket money with Freecash. Get paid for testing apps, games & surveys with earnings up to $238 AUD (claimed) per offer available.

Is Freecash legit?

Millions of people can't be wrong? We can tell you that, yes, Freecash is legitimate.

There are thousands of reviews around, social platforms, and business rating sites to give you the confidence to enter your details with them. In addition, the volume of payment platforms available often reflects how good a site is, and in this case, there are plenty to choose from.

With 88,000 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, this speaks volumes.

We have also used Freecash and can vouch for the platform as a legitimate way to make money online.

Freecash Australia
Redemption Methods:Amazon + Visa + Gift Cards + Direct Debit + Revolut + PayPal + Stake + Crypto
Redemption Threshold:Crypto withdrawals start from $0.50, Stake withdrawals at $0.25
Survey Pay Range:Subject to 3rd Party offers, indicative $1 per 5-10 minute app trial
Australian Based:No
Referral Program:Yes
Join:Join using the Freecash login here

How Do I Sign Up?

Joining up is as simple as following one of our links on page to the site.

You can use an email and password to join, Steam or Google. Once you've done this, you are straight to the site tour.

What's great is the absence of major demographic questionnaires before you even reach an activity. Maybe it should be one of our ranking criteria?

Straightaway you'll earn $0.05 cents. I'm not sure why anyone would get excited about this, but it does serve the purchases of showing you where your wallet sits on the site.

Is There An App?

Yes, but only a Google Play Android app, and furthermore you can earn 150 coins by downloading it.

If only app-based surveys are for you, checkout our Best Survey Apps page here.

Who Can Join?

Teenagers as young as 13 can join the site, but they'll need parental permission if they're under 18 years old. This site has elements of gambling/earnings that may be addictive and we recommend that those under 18 are supervised at all times.

Don't forget Freecash is global so you're not limited to being in Australia or the USA. However, your experience of availability will vary country-to-country.

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What I love about Freecash Australia

Earn more: We believe that users have the potential to earn more than Swagbucks and Survey Junkie respectively.

Plenty of survey invites: You'll have access to plenty of survey platforms.

User interface: Nice and simple and well thought out, although a black background can be a bit challenging.

Learn How To Make Money With Freecash Australia

There are certainly plenty of ways to earn, so we'll just give a nice quick rundown of them and leave it to you to explore for more.


At last count there were over 500 to choose from.

Note that the earnings amounts are usually conditional upon progress through games, i.e. reaching Level 50 within 10 days, with the aim of keeping you hooked. Don't be fooled into downloading an app-game and thinking you're going to be handed $200. Many of these games may require in-app purchases.


Freecash acts as a survey ‘router' for 3rd party sites and has a good range of survey providers involved on the site. BUT… – you may be required to enter more demographic info regularly to access all these different surveys. That may become annoying rather quickly, and you may not earn as much as going direct.

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A nice feature is the ability to sort by ‘user' rating – that becomes handy when sorting through hundreds of offers if like-minded people are helping you based on their experiences.

  • CPX Research
  • BitLabs
  • Your-Surveys
  • Tap Research
  • Inbrain
  • PollFish

Some of these companies won't have many surveys for Australians, may not handle privacy as you wish and getting paid may be an issue. registration of earnings is a common complaint with 3rd Party routers.

We recommend that you join some local survey companies and those that are more focused on surveys to complement your Freecash experience.

Download the App

Score 150 coins just for downloading it to your Android phone.

Score a $10 AUD bonus with Revolut

Cash out via Revolut to score $10 AUD cash.


Be a top performer to score $500/daily or $5,000 monthly in prize money.

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You can score rewards for 7 day streaks.

Follow on social media

Follow on Twitter for 22 coins.

How Much Can You Earn With Freecash Surveys?

Like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, Freecash has a broader range of earning opportunities that puts it in the Get-Paid-To (GPT) category of survey sites.

However, many opportunities may require actions such as subscribing or buying tokens to put you into earning territory, so we really can't provide an accurate estimate. Try for yourself and let us know?

We believe a range of $5 -$10 per hour invested is a reasonable estimate of what you should expect to earn regularly. If this doesn't eventuate within several days, time to try another site. Freecash is never going to replace a full-time job, even at minimum wage, but it can be a nice little side hustle.

In the pure survey stakes, Freecash is not the highest paying survey site out there. We believe that title is held by Octopus Group. But, for this type of site, offering Get-Paid-To (GPT) components, it does stack up very well against global survey sites such as PrizeRebel, Rewardia, and Swagbucks.

Affiliate Program

This drives me nuts!!! What we're referring to is a referral scheme, not an affiliate program.

Essentially, when your friends sign up via your referral link, they will receive a free case worth up to $250. If they earn $1 within 48 hours after signing up, they'll receive 3 more cases! You begin by earning 5% of your referrals' earnings (Tier 1). As you earn more, you level up your Tier, and you can earn as much as 30% (Tier 10)!

Rewards System

Cashouts can be made for Amazon, Visa, Gift Cards, Direct Debit, Revolut, PayPal, Stake and Crypto. The options may vary from country to country and some aren't always available, but there'll always be at least one palatable option in my opinion.

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Interesting is the fact that crypto direct withdrawals can be made, including Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etheruem.

Crypto withdrawals start from $0.50 and Stake withdrawals at $0.25, with others varying as well. Expect gift cards to be a lot higher.

Gift card options include Google Play, Apple, Netflix, Spotify, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Blizzard, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Minecraft. You can even download skins.

Do Freecash Points Expire?

If your account is inactive for a year, it'll be closed and your points will cease to exist (expire). It appears that points will not expire if you remain active.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Reward?

Most of the rewards are relatively instant. However, this is reliant on Freecash's systems in the backend, but you should expect electronic transactions to Revolut, direct debits, and the like to take up to 24 hours.

Pros And Cons

Freecash Australia is a great side hustle but there are also several drawbacks that respondents should know about.


  • Many redemption options
  • A broad range of earning opportunities
  • Simple and intuitive interface


  • Some gambling and gaming elements
  • 3rd Party surveys
  • No Apple app

Similar Survey Sites

Few rank as highly in our opinion for the sheer volume of earning opportunities. At present, there are in excess of 500.

We always recommend exploring several platforms if you plan to make money from online surveys. Here's our pick of similar sites worth exploring:

Swagbucks may appeal if you're looking for a wider set of activities, but Freecash trumps it on low redemptions as well as payment options. If you're an Apple-phile, the Swagbucks app may just win you over. You could also look at Ipsos iSay and Toluna Influencers which both have features of Get Paid To (GPT) in them.

But if Freecash is really to your liking, these are the closest 3 sites, we think you'll enjoy:

Reviews From The Web

Ive found freecash to be a legitimate…

Ive found freecash to be a legitimate money earning app but also very fun with plenty of ways to earn. The acceptance rate of surveys needs some love though most surveys tell me im not eligible. But the games are definitely on point.

Shadowvanguard on Trustpilot, June 23, 2024

Really great place to make extra money

Really great place to make extra money, easily. However, as someone not on android or the latest ios, I struggle to make some money because I am heavily reliant on desktop and surveys. I am always getting disqualified from surveys, so, perhaps it would be great to get more surveys filtered my way, but great site all around though.

Daniel on Trustpilot, June 22, 2024

Customer Support

Check the FAQs: There is a good range of articles in the FAQ section.

Online support tickets: Access the support option on the footer menu for online chat and you can proceed to open a ticket from there.

Reach out on social media: You could try your luck in Facebook and Trustpilot forums. they may be monitored by Freecash staff.

Join Freecash now!

Kick off earning your daily pocket money with Freecash. Get paid for testing apps, games & surveys with earnings up to $238 AUD (claimed) per offer available.

Conclusion: Freecash Review Australia

I want to be clear here, we haven't reviewed Freecash for the surveys component. It provides 3rd Party surveys, that it has a lack of control over and the experience will be inconsistent.

But, if you love microtasks, games, short timespan activities, bonuses, and competitions while you're sitting on public transport, then this will tick all your boxes. And if you've dabbled with PrizeRebel, Swagbucks, and Rewardia (and enjoyed them), then this is your next go-to site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Freecash review!

FAQ: Freecash Australia

How to withdraw money from Freecash?

Freecash offers a huge number of cashout options including: Amazon, Visa, Gift Cards, Direct Debit, Revolut, PayPal, Stake, and Crypto. Availability depends on location and timing.

How much can you earn on Freecash?

It depends on the activities you choose and the amount of time you are online. Earning rates will also be different for survey-takers vs microtaskers.

How does Freecash work?

Freecash gets paid by platforms to bring you to their apps, games and microtasks and for advertising. In return, Freecash pays you for your efforts.

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