Surveoo Australia Review 2024: Great Redemption Options

In the Australian paid surveys landscape, there aren’t that many sites that will pay up to $11 per survey. Like diamonds in the rough, they can be found, and so can numerous $5 and upwards surveys with Surveoo Australia.

In this Surveoo review, we’ll highlight the good and the bad and how to best make use of the site to start earning money online.

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Surveoo Australia

Don't be put off by one of the highest redemption thresholds in the industry, Surveoo hosts a large number of surveys and great redemption options.

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What Is Surveoo? is owned and operated in France with a company name of – S Gobert, EURL.

It is one of the largest survey companies in the world by global presence, with close to 100 countries able to access surveys, including Brazil, Australia, Canada, India, numerous African countries, and a broad spectrum of Asian countries.

Surveoo tends to host surveys from other survey providers such as CPX Research, rather than running its own.

Surveoo Australia

Join the Surveoo community and earn up to $11 per survey. Access great payout options including direct debit, PayPal and Amazon.

Is Surveoo Legit?

Surveoo is legit and not a scam (not just because we’re reviewing it).

Users will join 4,000,000 other users active on the survey platform every month.

In reviews, it fairs reasonably well, but several complaints regularly crop up about the platform (and others) regularly – these are all perfectly valid, but users should consider them before joining. We’ll elaborate later.

Surveoo is based in Europe so this means that GPDR privacy laws apply and this is a positive for users, as it gives certainties about your rights and ownership to an extent of your personal information:

‘“S GOBERT collects personal data concerning you in a spirit of loyalty and transparency in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, the Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy (“LCEN”) of 21 June 2004 and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GPDR”)”

On Trustpilot, it ranks 4.3 out of 5 stars for 1,431 reviews – that’s a very good score!

With a strong emphasis on data privacy and transparency, years of operating, positive reviews, and global presence, we can comfortably say that Surveoo is a legit survey company.

Surveoo Australia
Redemption Methods:PayPal + Direct Debit + Amazon
Redemption Threshold:$34.00
Survey Pay Range:$0.15 – $11.00
Australian Based:No
Referral Program:Yes
Join:Join using the Surveoo login here

How Does Surveoo Work?

Surveoo is a single sign-in site, meaning that once you go to and join with your very basic details, you can log in and start surveys, without confirming your email address.

Once you’re in the platform, it’s all very structured and well presented with a surveys tab, redemption tab, bonus tab, etc down the left-hand side.

Who Can Join Surveoo Australia?

Anyone over legal age can join Surveoo, but most surveys will seek a target demographic of either 18 or 25 years+.

Who Is Surveoo Good For?

The site is a market research site that presents surveys from several survey providers and that’s all. It is not a Get Paid To (GPT) site.

If you’re looking for Product Testing or Focus Groups, this site is not for you. Cashback and Shopping are not available either.

Retirees and students may find the large volume of surveys useful and having spare time to dedicate to the site may be worthwhile.

We’ve said a lot about who Surveoo Australia is not for, but please remember it is first and foremost a survey site, similar to Surveylama, Surveyeah, and Ipsos iSay in style.

How Is Surveoo Different From Other Paid Survey Sites?

As survey sites go, the main way to make extra money is surveys, but there is also a pseudo ‘loyalty’ scheme called “My Bonus”, which can boost earnings.

Apart from this, Surveoo stands out by providing a personalized, transparent, and user-friendly experience.

How Do I Sign Up For Surveoo?

Simply follow this link to join Surveoo in about 30 seconds flat!

Is There a Surveoo App?

There is no mobile app for Surveoo but the site is well-structured and mobile-friendly. You can also app links to your mobile homepages by clicking the icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the website as per below:

surveoo australia review mobile

Make Money With Surveoo Australia

You’ll make money on the surveys and maybe a few bonus dollars, but that’s the only way.

How Much Money Can You Make With Surveoo Surveys?

While headline claims state up to $11/survey, realistically you should only undertake surveys that pay more than $2 per 15 minutes. You should aim to make $8 per hour of time invested.

surveoo australia surveys

Earn Money In The Paid Surveys Feed

As mentioned, surveys are third-party provided, including CINT, Pollfish, MorningConsult, CPXResearch, PureSpectrum, and Toluna (join directly here). This means that these surveys will do their filtering questions and may lead to screenouts, so be prepared for a few before you strike gold.

My bonus

In the left-hand screen menu is a section called “My bonus”. This is the pseudo ‘loyalty' scheme I mentioned earlier. You can earn little incentives for ongoing survey activity and for activating push notifications.

surveoo australia my bonus

Referral Program

Surveoo has a referral program where you can sponsor your friends and get 10% of their earnings for life! Nice!

Redeeming Surveoo Earnings

Surveoo has a great set of payout options, including Amazon gift cards/vouchers, PayPal, and bank transfers. We appreciate the fact that the system translates surveys directly into dollars, rather than points – it's a major bugbear if you regularly do surveys!

You can expect payment within 2 days on average.

Similar Survey Sites To Surveoo

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Surveoo Reviews

A good passive earning money website

It is my first time joining this kind of passive income website and I am happy to be landed on the legit one. I already tested its legitimacy because me myself earn money from this website. Surveeo also help me use my extra time meaningful and useful.

Maria Myren Francisco, Trustpilot, Phillipines, 20 Nov 2023

not bad

not bad, easy to use. can be fun

Melanie, Trustpilot, SE, 16 Nov 2023

Surveoo Australia

Join the Surveoo community and earn up to $11 per survey. Access great payout options including direct debit, PayPal and Amazon.

Surveoo Customer Support

Even if you're doing everything right, sometimes things go wrong. Luckily there are several ways to contact support when you need it.

Check the FAQs: You can start with the FAQ page and there is a link for contact on the bottom menu.

Reach out on social media: There is no visible Surveoo Australia Facebook group.

Trustpilot: We've not seen any response from Surveoo in Trustpilot, to any complaints

Conclusion: Surveoo Australia Review

  • Great redemption options, including PayPal, Amazon and Direct Debit
  • Straightforward and transparent redemption system
  • Quick sign up
  • Potentially lucrative referral scheme
  • No major profile setup required
  • High redemption threshold of $34.00
  • Third-party survey screenouts increased due to profiling questions
  • No mobile app

Sure, the payout threshold of $34.00 is ridiculously high, but don't let that put you off joining Surveoo. It won't actually take you that long if you focus on the higher-paying surveys on offer.

With PayPal, Amazon and Direct Debit bank transfers, you're spoilt for payment choices as well.

With a simple and clean interface, survey focus, ‘loyalty' system and direct $ earnings per survey, we think you should add Surveoo Australia to your daily survey list.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Surveoo review!

FAQ: Surveoo Australia

Is Surveoo legit?

Yes, this French-based company is present in nearly 100 countries and has operated since 2019.

How does Surveoo pay you?

You can choose between PayPal, Amazon, or direct debit; whichever takes your fancy when you choose to redeem.

Who owns Surveoo? is owned and operated in France with a company name of – S Gobert, EURL.

How much can I earn on Surveoo?

We think it is possible to earn $8 per hour if you target the higher-paying surveys.

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