IRi Shopper Panel Review 2024: Scan your way to cash!

Earning money from survey sites is one great thing, but we know of something that can be even better. What if there was a side hustle where you could earn cash for doing what you already do?? Well there is. Let us introduce you to IRi Shopper Panel Australia!

Now you can shop, scan and earn rewards. By simply scanning your shopping barcodes, you can earn rewards.

In this IRi Shopper Panel review, we’ll tell you all you need to know to shop and earn cash. Read on…

IRi Shopper Panel Australia

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Why would you not earn rewards for something you do on a regular basis no matter what?


What Is IRi Shopper Panel?

The IRI Shopper Panel is a market research and consumer insights program operated by Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), a global provider of data and market research services, operated by IRI (Australia), out of NSW.

It’s designed to gather detailed information about shopper behaviour and preferences, that can be used to help influence manufacturer and retailer decisions.

Join IRi Shopper Panel now!

Earn reward points simply by scanning every product you buy. Scan for 6 weeks in a row and be awarded bonus points to redeem a $20 Gift Card!

Is IRi Shopper Panel Legit?

Yes, we can confidently tell you IRi Shopper Panel Australia is legit and definitely not a scam. We may consider a number of factors including:

Privacy: A strong privacy policy:

All personal information is kept confidential by IRI. The only information we share with clients is the shopping data our panel members transmit to us. They will never see your name, address, or contact information. We also do not collect or ask for drivers license, tax file or credit card numbers. See our Privacy Policy.

Customer support: The presence of customer support, especially local support.

Trustpilot: Trustpilot ratings and reviews can be a barometer of a survey site, especially if enough have been selected.

Our experience: We don’t review unless we have had personal experience with a survey.

Yes, IRi Shopper Panel is legit.

IRi Shopper Panel Australia
Redemption Methods:Gift Cards + Visa + Electronics/Homewares
Redemption Threshold:$20.00
Survey Pay Range:subject to activity
App:Android and Apple iOS
Australian Based:No
Referral Program:Yes
Join:Join using the IRi Shopper Panel login here

How does IRi Shopper work?

When you become a member of the IRi Shopper Panel, you answer a short quiz that determines your basic demographics and will also determine whether you can use your phone to scan your shopping or need a handheld scanner sent to you.

Once you’re set-up, every week when you go grocery shopping, whether it be to the Supermarkets, Petrol & Convenience outlets, & Corner Stores, Liquor and Pharmacies, simply use your phone or scanner to upload your barcode-scanned purchases.

Your data will be uploaded via your phone or the handheld scanner at no expense to you.

Who Can Join IRi Shopper Panel?

Two criteria are required: you’ll need to be an Australian resident AND be over the age of 18 years old.

Who Is IRi Shopper Panel Australia Good For?

Anyone who shops weekly can use the platform, and the more you shop, the more reward points you’ll receive for rewards.

If you’re looking for additional activities and earning opportunities off the IRi Shopper Panel app, prepare to be disappointed – there is not much. Honestly, head toward our Get-Paid-To page, or consider our other Shopping and Product Testing surveys for more opportunities.

You may also consider having a look at ReceiptJar as an alternative shop and scan app.

How Is IRi Shopper Panel Australia Different From Other Paid Survey Sites?

For one thing, IRi Shopper is the behemoth in the consumer shopping space, able to provide extensive and detailed views into the behaviour and perceptions of shoppers across the country.

The main difference is that you're participating in a shopping panel by scanning bar codes, rather than answering surveys.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply follow our link to join. You’ll create a username and password first. then verify your email to continue.

After answering some information about your mobile, including the operating system, IRi will determine whether you need to be sent a handheld scanner or alternatively, you’ll be using your phone as the scanner.

Is there an IRi Shopper Panel App?

Yes, if you’re using your mobile, you’ll need to download the Scan n Go app. It is available for Apple iOS as well as Android.

Make Money With IRi Shopper Panel Australia

Scanning your shopping regularly is the main game, especially for the first 6 weeks as you’ll earn a $20 gift card. Let’s call that a welcome bonus. Beyond this, there are a few ways to score extra points and rewards.

How Much Money Can You Make With IRi Shopper Panel Australia?

This is hard to answer as it is dictated by the degree of scanning activity. We recommend continuing for an extra 8 weeks beyond the initial 6 weeks to get a feel for your earning potential, which may vary from household to household. If earnings are minimal in the second 8 weeks, simply cease your participation in the program, without having lost anything.

Here is what IRi Shopper claims you’ll earn:

After a couple of months of being on the Shopper Panel, you will then be eligible for our Super Scanner bonus points for scanning consecutively for 4 weeks in a row. When eligible (you will get an email about your eligibility), after you scan for 4 weeks in a row you will be awarded an additional 500 points by becoming a Super Scanner.

Based on 4 weeks x 300 points, plus 500 per month extra as a Super Scanner, you could earn 1,700 points a month.

However, this is where points systems can be confusing – You'll need 1,397 points for a $5 Flexi eGift card, so in reality you'll only earn just over $5 per month.

Other Ways To Earn Bonus Points

Birthdays – On your and each of your household member's birthday/s, you will receive 200 points – based on a 4-person household, that’s 800 points for free each year.

Anniversary – Score 200 points on your anniversary.

Surveys – Occasionally you may be invited to complete a survey which will award you between 50 – 500 points.

Competitions – You may also participate in monthly competitions such as Mystery Product of the Month or Random Draw.

Referral Program

If you refer a friend who joins the panel, you’ll receive 1000 points (terms and conditions apply).

For other surveys that offer referrals, head to our Referral page.

Redeeming IRi Shopper Panel Reward Points

IRi Shopper Panel doesn’t come with a PayPal or Direct Debit option.

Note that any prize not redeemable “electronically” can take up to 3 weeks to arrive, so choose carefully.

iri shopper panel australia redemption options

Visa Giftcards

The iChoose prepaid Visa gift cards do not appear to offer good value. Redeeming 6,618 points for a $20 card is not worth it.

Flexi eGift Cards

The cards can be redeemed from $5 onwards so they represent the best value for points.

iri shopper panel australia flexi egift card redemptions

5,588 will score you a $20 Flexi eGift Card that can be redeemed at Myer, David Jones, Apple iTunes, Amaysim, Ticketmaster, Uber Eats, or several clothing and makeup chains. There is currently no Bunnings e-voucher option.


Within the Flexi eGift Cards redemption options are charities – Habitat For Humanity, The Orangutan Project, Starlight, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, and Lifeline.

Electronics, Homewares, and Gift Hampers

There appear to be a few options for these goods, including iPads, FitBits, Nintendo, and Weber BBQs. Pay special attention to the redemption rate and value – you'd need a LOT of points to earn one of these items.

Pros And Cons


  • User-friendly platform and app
  • Supplementary survey product to normal online surveys
  • Earn for doing something you do every week anyhow
  • Reasonable redemption options


  • A points-based rewards system can be confusing
  • No direct cash redemptions
  • Low ongoing earnings for your effort
  • No supermarket redemption options

Similar Sites

ReceiptJar is by far the most similar site to IRi Shopper Panel. There is no reason why you cannot participate in both simultaneously. Survey Junkie also offers some similar opportunities.

IRi Shopper Panel Reviews

User friendly

“Benefits – easy to use , worth a try and can do this after shopping for groceries
It a quick way to earn extra dollars , just by doing everyday things like shopping and buying essentials for the the household”

Hanan Taleb,, June 2023

Customer Support

Things can and do go wrong around redemptions or results not being recorded with most survey platforms, so while most people will never need customer service, getting service can be a nightmare with some survey companies, so we do tend to factor it into our reviews.

Check the FAQs: IRi Shopper has a great FAQ/help page here.

Lodge an online support ticket: A chatbot and support ticket page can be accessed here or email to: [email protected]

Phone: You can even phone a Toll Free Number: 1800 456 997 Available M-F 9AM to 5PM AEST.

TrustPilot: Nothing of substance exists.

Reach out on social media: IRi Shopper has a members Facebook page with about 3k members, where you can give feedback and reach out to other members.

Join IRi Shopper Panel now!

Earn reward points simply by scanning every product you buy. Scan for 6 weeks in a row and be awarded bonus points to redeem a $20 Gift Card!


IRi Shopper Panel is a great complementary survey platform alongside traditional online surveys. It won't consume much of your time as you're going to be shopping anyhow.

Provided you persevere for the initial $20 reward, you're guaranteed to earn money, and then it's really up to you if you want to continue.

Happy Surveys.

Thanks for taking the time to read this IRi Shopper Panel review!

FAQ: IRi Shopper Panel Review

How much can I earn with IRi Shopper Panel?

Scan your shopping for the first 6 weeks and you’ll earn a $20 gift card. Then earn 300 points per week.

Who should join IRi Shopper Panel?

The main grocery shopper in the household should join and scan the household shopping as well as any other purchases.

How old do I need to be to join IRi Shopper?

You’ll need to be an Australian resident AND be over the age of 18 years old.

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