ReceiptJar Australia Review 2024: Easy Earnings!

You may have heard the saying that information is power. It’s true. And now you can even make money off information that you’d typically discard. Every time you shop, you’re given a receipt and unless it’s a big ticket item, that receipt will typically find its way to your bin. Now you may just think twice.

Introducing ReceiptJar Australia – a perfectly safe and fun way to make money from your shopping data with no risk to yourself. Scanning receipts with ReceiptJar will become your favourite shopping side hustle.

Read on, with our ReceiptJar review to learn how to cash your receipts in and make money!

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ReceiptJar Australia

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to make money online, then ReceiptJar is one of the easiest. Turn your purchases into a new income stream today.

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What Is ReceiptJar?

ReceiptJar is a free app that lets you scan your purchases in exchange for gift cards.

The ReceiptJar concept is quite simple. So simple in fact that you can put it in one sentence: scan and submit your shopping receipts for gift cards!

You’re probably asking why anyone would give you gift cards for your receipt data. The answer is that the market insights gained from shoppers are valuable to the retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of the products on the shelves, in the shops you visit. There is no more definitive way of collecting data than via customer receipts.


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Is ReceiptJar Legit Or A Scam?

Yes. ReceiptJar is legit, with a safe, and trustworthy mobile app, used by thousands of Australians every day to save money.

Feedmee App Pty Ltd, trading as The U Group & Co Limited, based in Australia owns the app. This company is affiliated with Uno Group and Unomoney.

When you use the app, you do not enter personal information that identifies your purchases. Rather, your information is aggregated with millions of other receipts information and de-identified in the process for use solely in market research.

You can read more about the ReceiptJar policies on the Data Security page.

Unfortunately, there is a distinct absence of reviews on Trustpilot for ReceiptJar, but luckily there are thousands on the respective Apple and Google apps.

The full disclaimer of ReceiptJar can be accessed here.

ReceiptJar Australia
Redemption Methods:eGift Cards
Redemption Threshold:$5
Pay Range:variable
App:Android + Apple iOS
Australian Based:Yes
Referral Program:Yes
Join:Join using the ReceiptJar login here

Why Should I Join ReceiptJar?

When someone asks me why they should join an app, I often think of the downside as well as the upside. In this case, there isn’t really a downside to making extra money as you’re not really sacrificing personal data or your privacy in the process.

Nor is the processing time onerous to the same degree as answering surveys because photographing and uploading a receipt takes only a few minutes.

However, while Receipt Jar consumes little of your time to scan receipts, it will take you a reasonable amount of time to amass enough points for a payout. This also depends on the amount of spending you undertake.

Who Should Join ReceiptJar?

Anyone over the age of 18 may download and use the app. ReceiptJar makes it very clear in its terms and conditions that it does not want those under 18 years old.

receiptjar australia review download

How Does ReceiptJar Actually Work?

The ReceiptJar concept is very simple. ReceiptJar offers a user-friendly app with the ability for users to save and upload receipts. The app is available to download for Android and Apple iOS at the respective app stores.

The data collected de-identified, aggregated, and sold to companies in the form of consumer insights. In return, users earn rewards and have the ability to better track spending.

How To Make Money With ReceiptJar Australia

Getting started is simple. To download ReceiptJar, head to your phone’s app store or head to

Once you've completed the registration process, you're ready to start uploading receipts. Here's how it works:

  1. Open the app and take pictures of your receipts
  2. Upload your receipts to earn reward points
  3. Cash out ReceiptJar points for a range of gift cards

Is There A ReceiptJar App?

Yes. ReceiptJar is available on both major app sites. You can head to the Apple App site to download it for your iOS devices or to the Android app store at Google Play.

If only app-based surveys are for you, check out our Best Survey Apps page here.

How Does ReceiptJar Actually Work?

ReceiptJar incentivizes users with a points-based system, where 1,000 points are worth $5 AUD.

Most major retailers are supported as well as online purchases.

Online receipts submitted earn points based on the entire amount spent on the shopping trip, with larger amounts being worth more. We've outlined the points earning tiers below:

  • Total spend below $10 earns 5 points
  • Total spend between $11 – $50 earns 10 points
  • Total spend between $51 – $100 earns 15 points
  • Total spend over $100 earns 20 points

How To Make Money With ReceiptJar Australia

Unlike some GPT sites, Receipt Jar is relatively focused on the core objective of scanning receipts.

Scanning Receipts

Every time you shop, scan your receipts within 7 days of the transaction.

Receipt Jar operates on a weekly rotation and once you’ve scanned and reached 120 points worth of receipts, all extra receipts submitted during that rotation will give you only 5 points regardless of the total spent.

The weekly limit resets every week:

  • Week 1: 1st – 7th
  • Week 2: 8th – 14th
  • Week 3: 15th – 21st
  • Week 4: 22nd – Last day of the month

ReceiptJar Share With Friends

Just like GPT and survey sites, and even other rewards apps, ReceiptJar promotes a referral program that users can use to make extra money.

You'll get 200 points ($1) when someone you referred subscribes and scans their first receipt.

You can share your referral code (ours is MICHC3GB8) on social media or send it out in an email – just be selective so you don’t annoy all your friends.

Receipt Jar may place redemptions into a pending state if you refer more than 5 friends successfully until you contact their customer support and verify your activity.

Play Shake & Win

The closest ReceiptJar Australia comes to being a Get Paid To (GPT) in the true sense is the Shake & Win feature where you can earn chances to win prizes by uploading receipts on a weekly basis. The top prize is 25,000 points.

Golden Jar

Filling all 3x Shake Jars gives you the chance to earn bonus points as well via the Golden Jar. This is effectively a mini-loyalty program. If you reach level 30, you’ll have 440 ($1.70) additional bonus points to earn every week.

Which Receipts Are Permitted?

Receipt Jar accepts receipts from over 11,000 physical stores and online stores across AU, USA, and UK. Chances are that most of your everyday purchases will be accepted.

However, some receipts are not accepted:

  • Accommodation i.e. hotel fees
  • Lottery tickets or bets
  • Internet, phone, or electricity bills

… and EFTPOS receipts or any receipts over 7 days old are not permitted.

It’s also important to remember that the basics of a receipt must be covered too… and this means no handwritten receipts. Receipts must include (and be from reputable sources…)

  • Retailer name
  • Purchased items & prices
  • Purchase date & time
  • Total spent

ReceiptJar Redemptions

ReceiptJar offers a wide variety of eGift card redemptions, including Amazon and charities. However, there is no option for PayPal or direct debit to bank accounts (unless you're in the USA or UK).

Redemptions start at just $5 for some eGift Cards and by the time you have $20 worth of points amassed, you'll be able to opt for almost any gift card.

Retailers include Accor Hotels, Apple, ASOS, BCF, Big W, Binge, Bunnings, Caltex,, Coles, Dan Murphy's, Drummond Golf, Dymocks, eBay, Event Cinemas, Freedom, Google Play, Harvey Norman, Hoyts, Kmart, MacPac, Myer, Oakley, OPSM, Plush, Priceline, Rebel, Sephora, Supercheap Auto, Target, The Iconic, Vodafone and Woolworths.

Charities include: the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, Beyond Blue, Habitat For Humanity Australia, Lifeline Australia, Starlight Children's Foundation, The Orangutan Project

How Many ReceiptJar Points Make A Dollar?

If you have the patience, it pays to hold for as long as possible before you cash out because you’ll receive a 5% discount by the time you amass $100 of value.

Points $ AUD

ReceiptJar Reviews From Others

Heading to the Apple Store and you’ll find 11,000+ app reviews for ReceiptJar

ReceiptJar is easy to use, but not the most intuitive… I wish there was a way to scan all the linked accounts at once, rather than having to go through each one individually… And it would be great if we had more than a week to scan receipts. That said – the app is solid and reliable, and easy to use… And I'm looking forward to checking out new updates!

Bronwyn H, May 28 2023, on Google Play

Pretty decent app. No technical issues, good instructions and clear rules on how to snap receipts. Just one thing I've been experiencing for a couple weeks, after submitting a receipt it just gets stuck at a screen and doesn't load. It only works after i restart the app. I don't loose my progress but it's kinda annoying.

Gamerbeastnyc4, April 13 2022, on Google Play

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ReceiptJar is an easy and fun way to turn receipts in to cash.
With thousands of merchants on the books, ReceiptJar is readily accessible to shoppers in Australia, to scan and earn from their receipts.

Plus, earn 200 points / $1 for every friend you refer.

There aren't many easier apps to use with your day to shopping so what's stopping you?

Use this code: MICHC3GB8 to score 200 points when opening your account!

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ReceiptJar Australia Customer Support

Check the Commonly Asked Questions: First, browse the questions that are listed at the bottom of or head to the extensive FAQ information that ReceiptJar Australia has compiled over the years, on the website. You can use the search function if you are not sure where to start and chances are you'll find what you need.

receiptjar australia review help centre

Lodge an online support ticket: Second, if you can't find an answer to your question, use the online chat program, accessible in the app or at the bottom of web pages.

Email: Use the dedicated email address at the bottom of the homepage.

Phone: Fail. There is no telephone support for ReceiptJar Australia, but that's not surprising given the size of the company and the cost it would entail.

Reach out on social media: ReceiptJar lists a number of social media channels via its Facebook page, but these channels appear to be outward-facing only, so your best bet is direct email.


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Conclusion: ReceiptJar Review Australia

  • Points accumulate quick
  • Wide choice of eGift cards
  • Data and privacy are well-protected
  • Requires next to no effort
  • Weekly receipt limit
  • No receipts older than 7 days
  • Minor missing information may exclude the receipt
  • No PayPal or cash redemption option
  • May take a while to accumulate enough points for a redemption

ReceiptJar is worth it if you persevere with it.

Sure, you won’t make a fortune uploading your online receipts, but then again you’re not investing much time. So the gift cards you earn in the process are a nice bonus. You can give your earnings a bump by referring friends too.

As we’ve mentioned, there is no significant sacrifice of privacy or personal data either, so there really isn’t much to lose in giving Receipt Jar a go, and the first time you cash in an electronic gift card at the supermarket will make you feel pretty good!

Thanks for taking the time to read this ReceiptJar review!

FAQ: ReceiptJar Review Australia

Does ReceiptJar work in conjunction with cashback programs?

No, but nor is there any impact on your ability to receive cashback. ReceiptJar works, based on your post-purchase receipt.

Can I use ReceiptJar with Rideshare companies?

No, rideshare company receipts such as Uber, Ola, and Didi are not accepted.

Will ReceiptJar accept an EFTPOS slip or docket?

No, proper receipts must be tendered to ReceiptJar.

Is ReceiptJar legit?

Yes. ReceiptJar is not a scam and it does pay out when required. It is a safe and trustworthy mobile rewards app.

How does ReceiptJar Australia make its money?

Companies pay ReceiptJar for the market insights that it gleans from your de-identified bulk receipt data.

Who owns ReceiptJar?

ReceiptJar is owned by The U Group & Co.

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