Why I Became a Survey Fanatic

why i became a survey fanatic

Making money with online surveys has become a bit of a joke idea. Most people can’t believe that it’s possible to make a few dollars let alone a hundred or more a week. I make no secret of the fact that I use online surveys to make a bit of extra cash, and I want to be 100% transparent with the rest of you so that you can do the same. I’ve received a few questions before that have made me wonder.

I get asked things like ‘if you are making money, why are you telling others? Aren’t you worried that they’ll steal your income from you'. I can understand these questions – I do believe people who ask them are asking with the best intentions to safeguard my income, but their worries are not valid because:

  • People give up too easily
  • Most people don’t take it seriously
  • More participants = more surveys due to the increased pool
  • I want others to share in the success

I do want people to know that they can make money with online surveys, even if they choose not to follow that route – and I don't believe I'm harming my chances of being successful with paid surveys. So why did I become a survey fanatic?

It’s easy money.

For me, online surveys were the quickest and easiest way I've found to earn money.

Now easy is not to say I don't have to put effort into the surveys that I do – I am consistent and honest with the answers I give. But compared to other methods that allow you to make money online, paid surveys are the quickest and easiest way to start making money fast.

The honest truth is that if I wasn't being paid to do online surveys then I wouldn't be doing them and I think that nearly everyone that earns money with online surveys feels the same. Plus, it's flexible. I could be anywhere in the world and still be earning money with online surveys.

I thought about starting a blog just to make money rather than sticking to surveys like my friend does at LifePlusKids.com.au but I look at how much effort she spends compared to me and I actually do seem to get a better return.

So for me it's a simple cost benefit scenario – would I rather be watching TV or earning a few bucks? I'll take the few bucks.

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Michael C Chief Information Officer
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